Frequently asked questions, FAQ

– Log in with Facebook

Log in with Facebook creates an user with your facebook’s email. So, if you have register before with that email, you can not enter with facebook, because the password won’t match. For that go to the section Forgot/Change password


– Issues with messages

If you are connected via Wifi and that network is firewalled, generally an office, maybe the messages doesn’t work if the ports are blocked in the network. In that case use the mobile data connection.

Also can occur that the message service is down at the moment, it depends on an external service.


– Issue with location on mobile

If the bottom left icon is in red, means your location service is disabled or unavailable, in some devices you need restart the device after activate it, for example in android 4.0.3.

Activate this service in Settings, Location.


– Stops registering location updates

App no needs to be open to register location updates. There is always open in background as a service, for that you will see the icon in notification bar. In white if it’s paused or unavailable and in color if it’s running ok.

If your android version is 4.1 or greater you have buttons on notification to play and pause the service. Also a button to register more times your location, this drain your battery faster.

If you have android 4.0 or lower you can stop the service loging out. Or only if you want to be invisible change the option in menu inside the app.