Android social network maps based

Phonegap powered

Download now the app of maps for android to full enjoy the Mapacha network.

Download from Play 

What’s mapacha ?

– It can be defined as a social network maps based.

What is this made of ?

It’s made of JAVA and HTML5 assembled with Phonegap, all together to bring you the style and the things you need in an application.

What mapacha can do for me ?

– You will know when your family and friens are in a map, meet new people, therefore if you are abroad you can find people of your same country and date with them.

Chat with your people and have them all localized as Google Latitude did.

Other uses may be localize your lost device or control your family, use it as you like.

App Screenshots:


2014-01-26 18.42.35 Screenshot_2014-01-26-19-54-28 2014-01-26 18.42.26